Step by step...

Discover the development of wheelchair fencing in Luxemburg

Week of inclusion

During one week, we led a discovery and awareness workshops on wheelchair fencing with 12 groups of children in Esch-sur-Alzette. Thank you to the city of Esch for the organization!

Purchase of equipment

The BIL “Lending a Hand” project in 2018 enabled us to buy 2 chairs for the practice in Esch. Thank you for this support !

Paralympic Day in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Paralympic Committee organized in September 2019, the presentation of 12 Paralympic sports in order to raise public awareness of disability and to discover new adapted sports practices.

Participation in international competitions and training camps...

Trips between Sharjah, Turin, Prague, Cheongju, Amsterdam… as physiotherapist, classifier, photographer and spectator…

Luxemburgish participation in inclusive competitions

Villemomble (2016), Sarrebourg (2015-2019), Heidelberg (2017)…

1ère initiation 2016

1st initiation in Luxemburg

In 2015, thanks to the equipment loaned by the club in Thionville (E3F) and the club in Sarrebourg, we were able to organize a first introduction to wheelchair fencing in Luxembourg.